Meet Matumba Event Host of Village 2014

Loula Matumba the founder of The initiative MEA Africa Music Exchange, founded in 2011, is engaged in the field of cultural exchange with Africa. After the MEA Winter Tour in January 2012 in different cities of Hessen (including Darmstadt and Frankfurt), MEA is focused on events within Marburg. One of the biggest successes was the charity variety show for Rwanda, which featured culture and information harmoniously combined (see Press release). Since December 2012 MEA offers regular parties, which have several hundred guests coming every month.

Besides  the specially organized events, the MEA team remains in close contact with other organizations and now has a growing network of artists, non-governmental organizations, student groups and voluntary organizations within and outside of Germany.

As a result of their commitment, the initiative  2011 was praised by Dr. Leonard Jamfa, the President of the African Development Initiative,  in these words: “I have no doubt that you want to experience real success in the upcoming years.” Two years later, the city of Marburg paid their respect to MEA by awarding them the 3rd prize at Marburg’s Integration Award 2013

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Moderatorin Louisa Knospe Kollage