Meet The Artist

Rap artists, hip hop fans, ladies, and gentlemen get ready for 2 days filled with excitement. Saturday, April 19, Sunday April 20 2014! Frankfurt am Main will be the city to visit if you have skills on a microphone, like in the US, and get a thrill out of watching MCs compete with their lyrical abilities and thought provoking flows. Music Examiner had an opportunity to meet with the people behind the 3rd Annual Village Hip Hop &  Contest with Benefits event, and their names : Naldi-P, Street Street Yannick, Busta pi and many More.

A great perk of the Performance & contest to aid artists in their pursuit of a career in music is that all rap contestants will receive a video copy of their performance. This is a good tool that artists can use as a sample of their work. The entire rap contest is a wonderful way for artists to gain exposure to the entertainment industry. Another positive thing about this event is that it is an opportunity to take social networking to the next level. By attending show you can meet people in the entertainment business face to face. 1053472_10153010252630602_62555508_o